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University Recognition!

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Eschaton, University Professor

Head Teacher
Department of Raiding

This month at the University, we want to take the time to recognize one of our Professors! Eschaton is a newly tenured Professor within the University and has made a fundamental impact in our Raiding scene. As our Head Teacher in the Raid space, he continues to support the University, its students and staff, in any capacity he can. The University is lucky to have such a valuable asset in the Professorship!

If you get the chance, pop into our discord and shout a thanks to this incredible University Professor! 

Why Guild Wars University

Our Approach

Guild Wars 2 University is a Guild Wars 2 community that targets engagement from new and veteran players across all game modes. Guild Wars 2 has been out for several years now, and with it, new and exciting challenges, content, and changes have been improved upon. This can be daunting for a new player just joining the universe, or a veteran player, coming back from a long hiatus.


Joining the University is easy! We accept all players from any background. Whether you're new and just joining on a "Free to Play" account to veterans since launch. We are here for you!

Enhanced Learning

When asking for advice in Guild Wars 2, it can be met with less than a positive outcome, and we're here to change that. With Professors and research-specific esteemed Doctorates in GW2, you as a new player will receive the help and guidance you seek to get the most out of this exciting and hefty MMO. For those returning, we're here for you too; to re-acclimate into the world of Tyria and find your love for the game again. Especially as new and exciting content lies upon the horizon. For those who are veterans, we hear you! Join our static and dynamic groups, offering full end-game pinnacle content within a supportive community.

GWU Content

Players who need and/or want help with all Open World content, Raids, Fractals, Dungeons, WvW, PvP, Builds, Fashion Wars, or have questions about gameplay and much more can seek help, learn and develop their skills, and even lead others within the University. Though there is no activity requirement, we highly encourage students to be active and join content led by the Professors, or sometimes, even other students. This gets you involved and limits the amount of stress in learning a new MMO.

Lead our Students!

Those who have a passion for teaching and leading group content are at the right place to develop those skills. With room for advancement and training, you could lead and develop our Students' skills to make them a confident and notable force in the Guild Wars 2 community. Professorship and Deanship opportunities are available!

Dynamic Content and getting involved.

We offer dynamic channels and content for everyone to join, organized in a University style category that is easy to navigate. There is plenty to do within the GWU space, and getting involved is crucial to learning and, in the end, enjoying the game to its fullest. Students who join and get involved are much more likely to stick with the game and enjoy all aspects that Guild Wars 2 has to offer. After all, who wants to play alone?


The GWU Guild

The University has two in-game guilds associated with the Discord, fully upgraded and max level, and ready for you to join and participate with other students, friends, and the rest of the community. Just head on over to #guild-invite-requests within the University Discord server, and a Professor or Dean will send you an invite right away!

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