The University

Guild Wars 2 University is a Guild Wars 2 community that specifically targets engagement from new and veteran players across all game modes. Guild Wars 2 has been out for several years now, and with it, new and exciting challenges, content, and changes have been improved upon. This can be daunting for a new player just joining the universe, or a veteran player, coming back from a long hiatus.


 When asking for advice in Guild Wars 2, it can be met with less than a positive outcome, and we're here to change that. With Professors and research-specific esteemed Doctorates in GW2, you as a new player will be met with the help and guidance you seek to get the most out of this exciting and hefty MMO. For those returning, we're here for you too; to re-acclimate into the world of Tyria and find your love for the game again. Especially as new and exciting content lies upon the Horizon. For those who are Veterans, we hear you! Join our static and dynamic groups, offering full end-game pinnacle content within a supportive community.


President’s Welcome

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When I joined Guild Wars University a year and a half ago I was looking for an active, friendly, and welcoming community, to be my new home (because yes, I live in MMOs). I was the 800th member of this fast-expanding community, and yet, I never felt like a number. I didn’t know much about this game, even though I had been playing on and off for 7 years.


Our amazing staff taught me so many things! (Not going to lie though, there’s still a lot I don’t know!) There are three things I do know (and already did back then): I love GW2, I love helping newer players, and I love that this place is a safe space where I can be myself and help people enjoy the game!


Shortly after joining, I started organizing Strikes, events, dungeon runs, low-tier fractals, and assisting with Guild Missions… until I became a Professor. The steps from Professor to Dean to Provost were carried by my strong desire to offer content to our EU branch. Equity is one of the values that drives me the most. 


With a strong core of more than 20 staff members across both NA and EU regions, who are aiding over 4000 students in discord and 800 members in our two in-game guilds; Guild Wars University is a growing force in Tyria. It is an amazing privilege to represent all of you as the head of this organization.



It has always been the direct mission of the University to offer students and new players of Guild Wars 2 a safe haven to learn and progress through the game. MMO games are hard to navigate, especially when features and shortcuts are not readily available for you as a new player. Finding a community that offers the vast knowledge and guidance in combination with a free form non-toxic community to boot, you can be sure that this is the place where you want to spend your time in-game.

Most of us have been playing since launch and before, and we want to share that with the rest of our students. With our collective wealth of knowledge and notoriety in the Guild Wars 2 universe, you can be sure to have a place that you can call home for your GW2 learning needs. 

Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Inclusion


Meet the Leaders of Guild Wars University