Meet our Partners

GW University is proud to be a part of a diverse collection of organizations within the Guild Wars 2 community. Partners are crucial to the daily operation of any community or organization. This gives our members the platform to get involved in other areas they may not have access to early on in their journey. Countless events are handled by our various partners that contribute to our everyday operations! Meet them below and join their communities!


United Arts of Tyria

The United Arts of Tyria [UAoT] is a place where you can find many forms of art. Where you can come together for an exchange of knowledge and resources. We are about creating an opportunity for communities that have a unique concept. Forming collaborations for contests/events/activities. For both Eu and NA What sets us apart from other communities? We are mainly a community about the niches of Guild Wars 2 that brings them together in form of arts such as: Fashion/Music/Mounts/Jumping puzzles and bringing together individual artists. We also offer a PvE section next to our main activities. We are an alliance that works together rather than being one big community. We provide custom made content that is not provided as an endgame. We offer content creators to work with to showcase your art or events. We are striving for a wholesome community based on inclusivity, free of toxicity.


Overflow Trading Company

Overflow Trading Company is an independently-run trading discord for Guild Wars 2. Our goal is to facilitate trading outside of the in-game trading post, teach people how to make money, and connect traders from all areas of the game.

We try our best to provide new traders with various tools, information, and resources to help them trade both safely and intelligently. We are partnered with a whole host of different people and entities to help give you the most comprehensive learning tools available.

We have TP Baron streamers doing giveaways, partner guilds who are willing to take you under their wing, and a bunch of different training communities. We even have a whole host of volunteer advisors to guide your first few steps into the market.


The goal here in Overflow is simple: Make gold

So what are you waiting for? Get trading!



Discretize is a high-end Fractal Guild, based in EU, that provides optimized builds for Fractals of the Mist. While Builds can be found on their website, their public discord offers advice for all Fractal Tiers, CMs, and any questions regarding Fractals, as well as Looking-for-Group & Looking-for-Static channels.

Join our community and visit our website at: