GW University is for everyone at any skill level. We are here for Veterans and beginners alike. We are always looking for new players to join our community and veterans who desire to teach and bring new ideas to our organization. We have several ways to join up, but the easiest way is outlined below.


How to Join our Server

The quickest way is through our Discord server. Activity requirements do increase the higher up you move into the University. There is no activity requirement for new students, but we encourage you to get involved as much as possible to get the most out of the community. 

You can join here:

From there, you are asked to read the rules and guidelines for our community. You will also have the option to select your roles. Roles are important for every student as it shows that you are interested in participating in the content we offer and, more importantly, the content you desire to join. 

There are also two in-game [GWU] Guilds. You must be a part of the Discord server to be invited to the in-game guilds. There is a 3 weeks activity requirement for both in-game guilds, after which you are removed to make room for people who are actively playing with us. You can always be invited back once you're actively playing again.


Navigate to the #guild-invite-requests within the discord server, enter your in-game account name to receive your invite!

Looking to Lead Content?!

Becoming a Professor within the University is an outstanding achievement, as leading content and training other students and players is not for everyone. Those that strive for excellence, who can deliver results and train new players are hard to find. If you have a knack for training others and want to support the University at a higher level, we are always looking for those players. You can become a Professor in any content format within the game, including but not limited to, Raids, Fractals, Strikes, PvP, WvW, Commerce and Finance, and much more. If interested please fill out the application below. Please Note: becoming a Professor within our University means that you are actively playing the game and you have a want/desire to teach others. There is an activity requirement for this position.

Current Role openings:

NA Region Professors for all Game Categories
EU Region Professors for all Game Categories

Looking to become a University Leader?

The Dean of Students role is much more than just an administrator of our fine University. It's a position that not only has the opportunity to lead content, but to run and develop content for the entire University. Assisting our Professors and Lecturers as well as develop new and returning students to the University, while creating a safe and welcoming environment for all. It's no easy task, but it can be rewarding for the right people. For more information on the roles and responsibilities of a Dean of Students, refer to the application below. There is an activity requirement associated with this role.

We are currently looking for the following positions:

Dean of Students - Head of Fractals, EU

NA Campus


This Campus is for NA-based main accounts. If you primarily play on NA, this is the Guild for you.

You are also allowed to join our EU Campus



Max Level

EU Campus

U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]

This Campus is for EU-based main accounts. If you primarily play on EU, then this is the Guild for you.

You are also allowed to join our NA Campus.


Level 67